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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  June 25, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> it is 9 p.m. here in the french capital. you are watching live from paris. no political solution in sight. nouri al-maliki rejects calls for an interim national government. unexploded and in the lebanese blowsl, a suicide bomber himself up at a beirut hotel. -- eyes france prepares to take on ecuador. we look at what is at stake. nigeria and argentina have
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qualified for the next stage. good evening. we will begin this hour with the latest on the world cup in brazil. argentina beat nigeria in the last hour and a half or so. 3-2 to the argentine. much the star of the show. both sides are going through the knockout stages. bosnia took out the run. they won the game 3-1. they are both out of the contest. let's get the latest from dan leavy in rio. talk us through what has been happening. there are two exciting games. >> argentina is winning, 3-2. wasnew that argentina
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already through to the next round. ceiling their place at the top of the group and nigeria going through as well. the third time for them in the last 16. france will play basically either argentina or nigeria. they willme second, play argentina. just a quick on the other game. they are winning 3-1 against iran. is the first ever world cup went. the first as an independent nation. >> bosnia going out on at least something of a positive note. talk us through what the excitement is. i have a feeling there a bit of a buzz here in paris. >> yes, france taking on ecuador. p.m., they10:00
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still need to maintain the momentum that has people comparing them with the 1998 world cup winning team. they will need a victory because the last time they won all three of their group games was back in 1998 in france at the world cup. after winning their first two against honduras. then they beat switzerland 5-2. they have a chance to do that against the ecuadorian side who can still go through as well. they need a victory. they could go through with a draw as long as switzerland does not win their game. a lot of stake for the ecuadorians who don't think that this team will be taking it particularly easy. they still can go through. those changes in the french lineup. morgan schneider is coming in. three changes in the defense. also, the midfield.
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also, the return of gosh you missed the win over the swiss. probably wants to keep the players have been substituted and have a couple of injuries confirmed. this should be came in the knockout stages for the french. hopefully, no one will get bitten in that game. >> thank you very much. let's move onto other world news. officials say that 13 people have been killed in the capital of baghdad after a suicide bomb targeted an outdoor market in the south pacific. the country is in the throes of serious unrest. ofl it since attacked one the largest airbases and seize control of several small oilfields. e rocky, nouri al-maliki is under international pressure to a more inclusive
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government. -- the iraqi prime minister, nouri al-maliki is under him 10 international pressure to create a more inclusive government. today withsaid respect to the things we talked about was entirely in line with the conversations that i had with him when i was there. the constitutional process that we have urged all iraqis to commit to at this time, we believe it is critical. for the ability to form a government. now, iraqis will decide that. >> john kerry speaking there. guardian'sth the newspapers martin jude law. he explained that today's violence in the capital is actually nothing new. >> over the past couple of years, we have been looking away. has been veryere
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very significant. there has been daily suicide bombings for many many weeks. the last 10 days or so, violence has dropped a little. this insurgent group was wreaking so much havoc across the country and they are preoccupied elsewhere. the suicide bombing is a change things. a series of spectacular bombings in the capital may do so. changing here. >> elsewhere, they appeared to be continuing their advance almost unhindered, capturing an , and oilfields. is nothing standing in their way? is more troubling, the fact that the jihadist are able to advance from western iraqi into the strategic spots into the center of the country. they are very close to taking total control of the oilfields. they surround the largest airbases the country, they are being very careful about what they are targeting.
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successtheir stunning on the battlefield, they are vastly inferior in numbers. the reason they're doing so well is because the iraqi military has time and again folded in the face of this threat. that is what needs to change. those stepping to the four our shia sectarian militias ahead of the state. >> and al qaeda linked front has joined forces with isis on a pair of towns on either side of the syrian and iraqi borders. four months, they have fought each other in several parts of syria but they say this opens the way for isis to take control of both sides of the frontier. in fromy still coming the lebanese capital where a suicide bomber is reported to have blown himself up in a hotel room in the last couple of hours. this was after lebanese security
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forces carried out a raid on the premises. this is just next door to the embassy of saudi arabia. we have the latest in the lebanese capital. we're are hearing that this was a police raid on the hotel, dash area. the a busy bustling commercial district. they were rating the hotel on some information that there was a suspect in the hotel. as they tried to seize that suspect, another blew himself up and this is according to the military prosecutor who just made a statement. comingere are still news in about other injuries. we understand that there has been a number of other injuries including police officers from andinternal security forces the civilians. we don't have any firm numbers
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as yet. >> there has been a number of violent incidences and explosions across lebanon during the last week or so. >> that's right come. the fears that this will be a renewed chain of violence. there has been a lull for two months. bit of you say, a strength over the last week. this is the third in the last week. a suicide bomber blew himself up killing a police man who intercepted him very close to a café where people were watching the world cup. before, there was another attack and also 12 militants were arrested in a this one.far from it is understood that there is an ongoing security situation. a state of panic, a state of higher alert among security services. not only is lebanon suffering but also the renewed violence in
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iraq as well. the report there from beirut. security forces in lebanon had an operation in the northern city of tripoli had resulted in the arrest of five members of a terrorist cell. those followed two other bombings on lebanese soil during the course of the last week. officials did not say which group the suspects belonged to. they've been searching for the members of isis. in the nigerian capital is reported to have claimed more than 20 lives. this struck a shopping strip in the rush-hour. more than a dozen people are reported to have been injured. we don't have too many more details. just 20 people, 21 people have been killed now. in line with orders from
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they councilin, resolution allowing the use of military force in ukraine. that is moved at showing the west that moscow is doing his part to do escalate tensions. >> á and ask for it and as usual the russian parliament didn't deviate from the line. againsterson has voted this. russian ships were allowed to cross the border to protect russian speakers in ukraine. they are showing another act of goodwill and the respecting the french cease-fire, a move welcomed by kiev. >> we need other positive steps, like the steps to control.
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reservedthey have weaponry. it has to be stopped. thehey are to discuss situation. will >> the aggression against ukraine led to the suspension of our corporation. that we see no sign that russia is respecting its international commitment. couldy won the pe you impose tougher economic sanctions. friday,st of last on that is when ukraine is set to sign a historic trade deal with europe. expected fromis
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the closely watched legal battle who wore anwoman islamic veil. the women at the center of it says she is the victim of islamic phobia and unfair dismissal. appear like any other but in hours seven days, 24 hours a this really is one of time. this father and his partner both work at night, they leave their baby to sleep at a private facility. flexible working hours make their family routine possible. and work between 9 p.m. five in the morning, so i have to leave him. i don't have any emily in the area, you really far away. this makes my life a lot easier. >> this has become symbolic of the contentious issue in france, the separation of church and state or secularism in public institutions.
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they found himself at the center of a row in 2008 when an employee was fired for refusing to take off her islamic veil when she came to work at a center in a paris suburb. woman argued that she should have the right to express a religion in a private institution. members of the local community accused the founder and director of islamic phobia. and a series of lengthy court battles began. after months of harassment and threats, she decided to move that branch of the creche. we had to accept the reality, did we have a level of security and peace of mind for our staff? that is necessary when you are looking after children. >> the team moved 10 kilometers away to a new building with the same sounding ethos. to welcome every child regardless of race and religion.
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they embrace the very republican principle of secularism. >> this is a reminder of our top stories. no political solution inside. nouri al-maliki rejects calls for an interim national salvation government. on explosion in the lebanese suicide bomber blows himself up at a beirut hotel. this is the third blast in less than a week. blue.yes on le we look at what is at stake at the stadium. longtina and nigeria have -- have now gone through for the last 16. the telling flag carrier air have beenppears to saved, brought back from the brink. >> yes, they have agreed to a rescue deal. they see the company take a 49%
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stake. analyst say that their pain around 560 million euros for the stake. in addition, they are investing hundreds of millions of euros in order to turn era tally around. it is expected that the italian carrier will have to make significant cuts. >> the amount the gulf air operates has not been disclosed but it is thought to be as much as one billion euros. it is a relief for the italian government. the transport mr. said it was a strong investment i would open up concrete growth prospects for the airline. giveescue deal will heavily indebted air and tell you a bit of breathing space and to make its international routes more profitable than domestic flights.
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>> we want them to be more productive, more efficient. it should be anything. but thousands of jobs are on the chopping block as they look to streamline their business. there are reports, more than 2000 jobs, 12,800 could go. era tally up looks over its route network. shrank much more than expected during the first quarter. an update of that estimates show that the economy contracted at its fastest pace in five years. u.s. economy was hit by unusually severe weather between january and march. tos seemed to contribute weaker than expected consumer spending. there is also a drop in health care spending. about economy contracted
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2.9% at an annualized rate between january and march. compare that to the previous estimate from about a month ago when the commerce department expected a one percent contraction, even though the rating was rougher than expected for the first quarter. american stocks are rising despite the week quarter figures as investors appeared to be on a rebound through the second quarter of the year. with you.lping out the dow jones trading higher by about two tenths of a percent. around halftly up of eight percent. we saw the indices taking a real hit.
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we saw concerns over iraq, for instant, putting a dampener on sentiment with the ftse trading down about 8/10 of one percent. a lower-than-expected reading of business confidence. about one .3%.n if we take a look at some other news, we are seeing shares in tv network owners like comcast and walt disney trading higher on wall street. courtollows the supreme decision. that the service violates copyright laws. their business model of charging customers a monthly subscription fee for streaming seems to be in doubt. in other news, tens of thousands of platinum miners have returned to work in south africa which marks the end of the longest history.rike in
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mining companies say the walkout has cost them more than 1.6 billion euros in lost revenues and there are warnings of job cuts as mining companies look to improve after the strike. paris has been hit by a shopping frenzy with the summer sales taking off. thatlers are hoping customers will open their wallets after a lackluster sprain. latest month we have data for. bad news for the wider economy usuallysumer sending seen as a pillar of growth. i will be wrapping up the business news. i don't know if you went out into the shop this afternoon. >> actually, i did. i bought a pair of shoes.
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30% off. thank you very much. web news is here. hello there. welcome to the web news. the online campaigning detainee chipped. a friend speech roller coaster ride. appalling, shameful, outrageous, professionals from all over the world. three journalists from al jazeera were jailed for seven
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years each. have prompted an outcry on social media. busy lookingrs are for the journalists release. journalists from across the fore will join the campaign their colleagues. amnesty international is showing their support for the news professionals in-house. ordinary citizens the world over have joined the campaign for the three journalists. they're slamming the egyptian court ruling with many saying journalism is not a crime. justsers aren't criticizing egyptian authorities, they're also calling on foreign policymakers to do everything in their power
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to secure the journalists release. the people who post these washingtonre urging to hold financial aid to cairo until the three men are released. handcuffs, had locks, pepper spray, they all feature -- the famous india text. this translates from portuguese to beating. the satirical illustrations denounced the police brutality during the protest in brazil. the activist behind this initiative hope people will download the pictures and print them out. they even showed guidelines on how to stick the drives up in the streets. a number of civilian cities would suggest the campaign.
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numerous ngos have voiced concern over the brutality the picket in these. amnesty international, for example, has issued a statement saying there had been a strong increase in police violence in the run-up to the world cup. frequentn increasingly and violent clashes between police and demonstrators. other groups have also use provocation to denounce injustice in the country. sharing photo montages and other restrictions on facebook condemning the police violence and comparing the colossal sums of money invested in hosting the world cup to the extreme positive in the favelas. -- in the extreme poverty in the flow vales. welcoming the news that a --anese court had released
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she was sentenced to death last month because she converted to christianity. rearrested with her family at the airport on tuesday. microsoft has been airing a commercial for its xbox one games console on u.s. tv screen since the beginning of june. actor aaron paul. when he says this, it triggers it on xbox is all over the country. to social media to make fun of the pitch will -- make fun of the pitch.
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this creates tiny and mutual scenarios in public places. the artist photographs them and discovered'ñoa7guc
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06/25/14 06/25/14 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! journalism is not a crime or you should all be behind bars. it is as simple as that. peter, is an son award-winning journalist. he is not a criminal. he is not a criminal. >> freeajstaff.


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